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With the advances in technology, and the growing complexity of computer systems these days, everyone needs access to cost effective and professional IT support. We can provide that helping hand, or Another Mouse, in order to save you the time, effort, and frustration that technology often creates.

Although primarily based in Cambridge, thanks to the wonders of remote access technology, we now have computers that we support in the USA and Europe. There is no reason why we can't support systems world-wide, although due to the location, we would be unable to offer the same degree of personalised support that we offer to our customers in Cambridge UK.

Support covers Windows servers, and obviously the associated client systems and network to which they are connect, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and many older systems. There's probably more versions, but we will support them as well! We also support unix and unix-like systems, and are especially proficient with Linux systems. Android systems also feature in the skill sets that we can provide. We can support Apple systems, but generally we pass anything complicated associated with these to Contemporary Fusion if you require onsite support. Of course in the Cambridge area there's also the Apple Shop in the Grand Arcade

It is worth noting that the implementation of an enterprise calibre linux solution can result in massive savings for small to medium sized businesses. Feel free to ask us about possible options if you fancy improving your organisation's efficiency.

We have been providing computer and technical consultancy support since Dec 06, the founder is respected world wide, and has been governmentally security vetted, and CRB checked. This demonstrates a level of trust that is difficult for most other organisations to match without considerable effort. You can be confident in the quality of support that you will receive. As a small Cambridge based organisation offering a personalised service, computer support is available outside normal office hours on a 'best effort' basis.

Services include PC and server support, computer consultancy, holiday cover, upgrades, repairs, network installation, broadband and wireless assistance, linux, printer problems, assistance with virus or malware problems and computer/data security. In the unlikely event that we can't support your computer and IT systems, then we'll help you find someone who can!