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What would this upgrade have meant for us? There are many potential benefits, but the most obvious and easy to put across are:

This was our one chance in 5-10 years to make a difference!

BT organised a vote to decide which exchanges they upgrade first. We needed a minimum of 1000 votes to be even considered for this upgrade. We only got 577!


Caxton, Madingley Exchange (Postcode CB23 8AQ), and other exchanges that did well were a lot more proactive. They realised the importance of this vore, and almost everyone voted. There are places where over 80% of the population have made their opinions known. We managed just over 10%, because there was insufficient awareness of the significance of this particular issue.

Unfortunately, after delivering over 3000 fliers/cards, sending numerous emails, and making over 600 telephone calls, there has been a very subdued response compared with other areas that got close to 100% of their population to vote. The organisations that should have been proactive (schools, Parish councils, Local Authority representatives, residents associations) that have made other areas successful have failed to respond to this challenge for us. Regretably, this means that many of us in this area may now be stuck with a 'Third World' quality of service (as defined by the EU) for the next decade or so. This will inevitably result in a reduced amount of business investment in this area, and the associated knock on implications for the community, services, house prices etc.

Thankyou to all those that voted. Over 11% of you appreciated the need for this. Hopefully our top 200 placing out of the UK exchanges will result in prioritisation for our exchange when the Infinity rollout is finished in 2018->. A long time to wait, but better than for many other areas.

All information obtained as a result of this campaign such as email lists etc will now be removed from my computer systems.