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Since starting in Dec 06, we have a number of recommendations for the skills we offer. We have CRB vetting, security clearance, and recommendations from a variety of jobs. These can be made available on request.

Comment from the site owner based in the USA below:

"We have been absolutely thrilled with the service and support we've received from Peter Edmond at Another Mouse. Despite having an entire ocean between us (we are based in the U.S.), Peter has always been highly responsive, very knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, and generally exactly what we need. I'm not sure what we would do without him! - Kris Hall"

Comment from the deputy headmaster of a Cambridge school for which we installed an ICT suite:

"We almost didn't choose Peter to do the work because he appeared too cheap. He cost £30,000 less than the competitors, *and* provided a higher spec! His 'auto-restore' solution has saved us additional amounts in maintenance costs. He's a pleasure to work with, and goes out of his way to ensure we get the best possible solution. If I've got a project or problem to do with computers, then he's my first point of contact." - M Bristow

Comment after a data recovery job:

"You saved me!" - by an director that doesn't wish to be named!

You may also wish to look at the profile of Peter Edmond on Experts exchange to get an idea of the range of skills we can provide. He is rated in the top few percent of experts worldwide, and if you are considering a Linux based solution, then he is the top linux expert worldwide for a long way!

Contact us if you require more information.

We intend to add a 'guestbook' in order to enable others to express their views at some time in the future. A couple of customers have left comments here. Please feel free to add additional comments by going here.

Confidentiality with respect to our customers is highly valued, however if you have a specific task, then we can probably provide a reference for a similar type of job, with a little bit of notice.