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Everything these days is cost sensitive. Unfortunately, in the computer and IT world, paying more doesn't always mean a better or more skilled service. Most other organisations will charge more than us due to the commercial overheads that they have associated with sales teams, property rentals, logistics requirements, and even shareholders etc. Because we are local, we should be cheaper that any of the mainstream companies that may compete with us for customers, and I believe that we offer a faster and in most cases a better service.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money, compared with the going rates. We also offer some specialisations, that you are unlikely to be able to obtain from most consultants. Example costings are given below, but will be negotiable depending on the task:

For companies and specialist projects:

For small companies:

For private individuals

Obviously, due to the variation in possible jobs, we cannot provide a quote for everything on this page. Although the above should provide a fairly good guideline as to what we'll charge, contact us, if you'd like a quote.