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With experience in the design and implementation of systems costing millions of pounds for European telcoms, S&P500, and FTSE100 companies, we know that projects often require assistance from external specialists. Alternatively, sick or holiday cover may be required, and can often be provided at extremely short notice if your company is in the Cambridge area. Assistance can be provided remotely by telephone, or using specialist software if required.

Areas of specialist knowledge include various servers, particularly those that are Linux based, although windows is supported. If you wish to examine the possible savings that you can make by using a Linux based system, then we'd be delighted to assist.

Computers enable automation to occur. If you have a fairly methodical process that you need to carry out regularly, then automating it may make sense. One company now saves almost 2 man days a month as a direct result of using us for holiday cover. During the 'slack' periods a number of processes were automated for them, providing tangible long-term cost savings.

The most common requests for assistance are for:

We have a diverse range of skills. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.