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We have a good breadth of experience in the installation and customisation of php and perl scripts running on webservers. A good example of our work in creating an online community can be found at Stableminds, and the quality of our work on this site can be viewed in the comments received from this site. Also feel free to ask the people on the web community what their views are on the quality of our work.We do all this work with an awareness of the security implications of anything that we install, and often tighten up the security on the site concerned to a higher level than the default level provided.

Board scripts previously installed and customised include:

Specialist applications installed and customised include:

The above list gives a reasonable idea of the type of software we have installed for people before. We are more than happy to install other scripts as required in order to help you create you own online community, or develop your online business. Contact us if you need to chat about possible projects.